Meet The Team

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Winnie Delaney

HARV Service Manager

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Keighley Gowers

HARV Outreach Support Worker

Hi, my name is Keighley.  My job role involves supporting women to access the services provided by HARV, providing women with one to one emotional support, liaising with professionals on behalf of women, providing advocacy, facilitating access to legal support and supporting women to access the groups we run here at HARV.

I also run a group called You & Me, Mum, which focuses on the impact of domestic abuse on children. This group supports women to better understand the experience of domestic abuse from the perspective of a child, and supports an understanding of any behaviour that may be as a result of domestic abuse witnessed. You & Me, Mum also supports women to reconnect with their children through learning how their own parenting and relationship with their children has been affected by the domestic abuse they have experienced.


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